Sunday, May 06, 2012

Not Ryan Gosling But Could You Like me Anyway?

For me, self promotion is awkward and borderline humiliating. Before starting this little writing project, I didn't know what it took to get people to realize that you exist and that you're creating things. I first tried to go the technical route and use SEO (Search Engine Optimization, who knew?!) so people would just happily stumble upon my little writing corner while searching the interwebz. Well, it turns out that SEO is difficult and I don't understand it so I had to abandon that route pretty fast.* 

So what's left for me to use? Facebook, that's what. I've had to link the things I write here to my personal Facebook page exposing myself to the judgement of my Facebook friends, who let's face it, probably aren't my friends in real life. Every time I post something I feel like I am screaming to the world that I need approval and trust me it's as uncomfortable for me as it is for you.  

I want to follow up every post with the irrelevant qualifier: "I know I'm not as beautiful as Ryan Gosling, I promise you I know, and that if he was asking you to please read the things he wrote you would do it in a heartbeat, but could you, um, just read my posts anyway?" just so that people will know that I am not obsessed with myself and that I really just want to share my writing. 

I have new found sympathy for all those people (formally known as annoying Facebook promoters) who are constantly inviting me to their events and all I used to think was "Bro, I don't want to go to your crappy  event! Give it up!". Now I know that people could be thinking that exact same thing every time I post something new and those imaginary people thinking those imaginary thoughts hurt my feelings. I won't go to your crappy event but I will stop judging you for sending me the invite, Facebook promoter! I get it, this is what you love and you just want to share it.

That's the thing about this space: this is what I love and I just want to share it with as many people as I possibly can. So thank you to everyone that reads the things I write, and for commenting, and for saying such sweet things to encourage me. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I fully support you in every single endeavor that you want to pursue because I believe that whatever you want from life you have to create yourself. And I know exactly how hard it is to expose your passions to other people. 

If you find that you too need to promote the things that you're doing but don't know how without feeling like you're claiming that you're the greatest thing to hit earth since Ryan Gosling, here are some really helpful links: 

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* Fun Fact: searching "people not capable of love" and "silly lovers" has led people to my blog...thanks, internet. 
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